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FSI araştırma medya ve danışmanlık limited şirketi

FSI Istanbul is a sister company of Futuristic Studies Institute (FSI) of Beirut, which was founded in 2014. We have established our prominence in Beirut in spite of the challenges of the deteriorating situation in Lebanon which has had unpleasant effects on all fields and negative ramifications on all public services.
 That success has incentivized us to pursue further opportunities in Turkey where we have founded a new company that provides our original range of services and more. We have added a new product line that deals with all media sectors, beginning from managing websites and social media networks and content, and not ending with production of all kinds of documentaries. We are expanding our services while maintaining our commitment to providing products that meet the needs of a particular class of clients, including international and regional organizations and their representatives (e.g., the United Nations, the European Union, the Arab league…), managers of investment portfolios, multinational companies (in the monetary, financial, and energy fields), as well as media outlets and networks and other research companies and centers which share our interests.

Our products

Our company’s products vary to accommodate the nature of our clients and their needs. In the field of research, there are four primary types:

Situation report

Trend study

Futuristic study

Risk assessment

And in the field of media, we provide four main services:

Managing websites

Social media content


Graphics (Info and video)


About us

A private research and media company specialized in producing media content and scientifically researched reports that forecast paths of political, financial, monetary and social events and phenomena, and their effects on the stability of countries, societies, markets, good governance, growth of vital sectors, and investment risks. FSI was founded in Beirut in 2014 under the name of Futuristic Studies Institution that issues “Futuristic Studies” journal. And in Istanbul, in 2022, under the name of “FSI araştırma medya ve danışmanlık limited şirketi”.


Elie Chalhoub

General manager

Zahir Beyoğlu

Research Department Manager

Adnan Bayraktar

Marketing department

Khaled Kraizim

Media Department Manager

Yaser Mohammed

New Media Consultant

Nouraldin Al – Aydi

Research Coordinator